Spring and Summer Makeup Trends for 2014 – Blue Mood

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year! As we welcome back the warmer weather, sunshine and time spent outdoors, the bright colors of this new season begin to surround us everywhere. But these vibrant hues aren’t limited to Mother Nature, this year’s Spring and Summer makeup trends are also making good use of these fresh shades. Let’s take a look at what we’ve been seeing on the runways and can expect to see on faces all around us this coming season.

makeup-classes-by-carmina-Cristina-learn how-to-look-Lupita-Nyongo

Trends for Spring 2014

Barefaced Beauty, Pastel Eye Shadows, Orange Lipstick and White Liner

This spring we’re seeing a totally trendy, all-natural look that is accented by bold pastel colors on the eyes. And for the lips? Get ready to see a whole new hue that will really bring the fresh spring colors to life on the face – orange lipstick!

Learn-how-to-orange lips-trends-makeup-classes-by-Carmina-Cristina

Barefaced Beauty

The look: Ironically the biggest makeup trend for this spring is the effortless look of bare skin. This look requires well-conditioned skin which is why we can expect to skin the popularity of BB,CC and DD creams play to continue to rise. These skin products play a big role in helping with uneven skin tone, age spots, wrinkles and other simple skin issues. They typically have light-diffusing particles, which visually even skin tone. Plus, they pack a super-dose of antioxidants to hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun.

Pastel Eye Shadows

The look: Pastel tinted eyeshadows are the perfect contrast against the bare-skin look for the season. Look at how they gave models at Miu Miu a youthful charm! Pat McGrath chose lilac, lemon, pistachio and aqua hues in a subtle wash across the lids. All of the colors brought the face to life, but it was the blue that really stood out.

makeup-classes-by-carmina-Cristina-learn how-to-miu-miu-beauty-vogue-jan14Photo By Indigital 

Bright Orange Lips

The look: From neon to coral, orange tones make loud mouths cool this season. It’s interesting to note that in Paris and Milan, lips were largely left natural, but in New York they stole the show. Bright, matte lips packed a punch and the look carried into London Fashion Week as well.

White Liner

The look: Yet another trend from the 90’s is making a comeback this season. We’re seeing white liner placed on the top and bottom eyelids. It looks fresh and fun, especially paired with a hot pink or orange lipstick.


Trends for Summer 2014

Aquatic Eyes and Nudes, Earthy Browns and Gold Tones

Blue eyeshadow has always conjured up images of 80’s disco divas, schoolgirls who have just discovered makeup and the perennially unused shades in beauty palettes. But for Sumer 2014, the trend is to throw these preconceptions aside and open our minds to embrace a modern take on blue hues.

This season, makeup artists are taking shades of azure, aqua, sapphire and sky and making them new again. Whether as a flash of electric blue on the lower lash line or in bold blocks of opaque color across the lids, this is a trend that truly offers something for everyone!

Aquatic Eyes

The look: Blue eyes are as bold or as subtle as you like this season. It’s a continuation from 2013 when the trend first returned, but it’s now expanded to include so much more. For a more conservative look, start with a subtle liner. If you’re ready to go bold, try a block of color-rich eyeshadow.  I recommend trying the Spring sunset shades for a very relaxed summer day.

makeup-classes-by-carmina-Cristina-learn how-to-Blue-eyeshadow-1-vogue-29Jan14-bourjois_b

makeup-classes-by-carmina-Cristina-learn how-to-Badgley-Mischka_14SB034-vogue-29jan14-james-cochrane_b


Nudes, Earthy Browns and Gold Tones

The look: What better to accent the blue hues than nudes, earthy browns and gold tones? This is a killer color combination! Try pairing a gold makeup look with brown liner and soft matte nude lips. The warm tones will accent the glow or your sun-kissed skin this summer and give you that goddess-like appearance!


So fashion dreamers, the trends of Spring and Summer 2014 bring many reasons to celebrate! With an emphasis on youthful skin, fresh, bright colors and a modern take on retro trends, now is the time to explore and experiment with some new accents to your everyday look.

Do you want to learn first-hand how to create these looks? We have the perfect opportunity for you on Sunday, June 22. Join Carmina-Cristina at her signature Spring/Summer 2014 Best Makeup Trends seminar and gain a solid foundation for flawless makeup while learning how to seamlessly incorporate the latest trends into your everyday look. Click here for more information! 

What is your favorite trend for Spring or Summer 2014? Join in the discussion by sharing below!


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Carmina Cristina is part of the new generation of young and innovative makeup artists who are transforming the international glamour and beauty scene. Originally from Romania, Carmina first developed an eye for color and fascination with makeup in her early childhood. As her passion for makeup continued to develop throughout her life, she realized this to also be her career aspiration. Carmina set out to follow her dreams by pursuing a top-of-the-line education in makeup artistry. She has studied at Completions International Academy of Makeup Artistry (Toronto, Canada), Kruger Brent Makeup Academy (Bucharest, Romania) and is a licensed professional in the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to her professional training, Carmina is highly experienced in her industry. Her resume includes working backstage for major fashion shows, film and TV production, print media for different editorial shoots, a Number One French-European Cosmetic Company’s marketing campaign and the bridal industry. Carmina’s extensive experience in a variety of fields provides her with an expert understanding of makeup artistry and a current pulse on emerging trends and techniques. Carmina currently resides in Central Pennsylvania with her loving and supportive husband. To learn more about Carmina Cristina and her professional makeup services, please visit her at www.carminacristina.com.
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